Quetzal Yellow house Yellowhouse, Mindo, Ecuador

Welcome to Hacienda San Vicente!

Garzon Jaramillo Family.

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Nature/Mountain views from every cabin window.


For a first impression look at this bird-list compiled by Ruth Richards: 'Birds I saw from my cabin balcony'

and at this one by Connie Cochrane and Jack Seigel updated 2017: Yellow House Bird List 2017

If you wish to see birds click here: http://ebird.org/ebird/hotspot/L792572

Recomended for Researchers / Serious birders / Serious Nature Photographers .. and for anyone who loves and appreciates nature

More than 300 species of orchids and approximately 39 species of hummingbirds have been identified in this habitat. 200 hectars (494 acres) of rain forest includes: 1 marked main trail, 5 marked trails, scenic views of Mindo valley on trail #3.

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A place of un-equaled beauty and natural richeness. It has one of the richest variety of birds, butterflies, including ones with transparent wings, animals, plants, mushrooms, wild flowers, including orchids and bromelias karatas. Beautiful rivers. With its own rain forest inside its property, the “Hacienda San Vicente” is one of the best known birding localities in Ecuador.

With an impressive bird list of over 470 species (the highest of any locality in western Ecuador), including many threatened species. The Mindo area has won the Christmas Bird Count for three consecutive years.

The Yellow House Trails & Lodge is at 1200 (3937 ft) to 1700 MASL (5577 ft), it is a medium altitude, private cloud forest located at the north end of Mindo. It is owned by the Garzón Jaramillo family and attended by this very nice family. It has 200 hectares (494 acres) of lush old secondary and towering primary cloud forest. There is a main trail and five side trails of forest, along with some palm trees to feed the birds and bears of the region. In particular, trail #3 leads to a beautiful spot (Mirador) where you can see the entire Mindo valley. The farm house and the surrounding fruit trees and flowers also present an interesting place where we can find many easy to see birds. There is a river near the house and fish ponds that are frequently visited by kingfisher birds.

This privately owned section of the forest boasts well-maintained trails that lead you high into the forest, providing stunning views of the valley. As you make your way through the trails, you´ll see butterflies, birds, and gorgeous flowers. Keep your eyes peeled because if you´re lucky, you might see armadillos, porcupines, Collared Peccaries, monkeys, and even the Andean Spectacled Bear. This place is only a five-minute walk from town, but a world apart. Visitors are always warmly welcomed by the friendly family owners.

Although Hacienda San Vicente is a working farm, horses are not permitted at any time on the trails of our forest reserve.


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        • For naturalist tourists
        • Maps for marked forest trails
        • English speaking bird guides - We can recommend reputable, local guides for a reasonable price
        • For the tranquility of the forest residents, 10 is the max number of guests to walk the trails
        • Fresh fruit juice from the farm
        • The breakfast we serve you is prepared organic from our farm and near-by farms.. Including the coffee is from our coffee trees behind the yellow house.
        • Refrigerator / Coffee Maker
        • Hot water 24hrs. a day
        • Free Wi Fi for our customers
        • $25 (after taxes) per person, per night, includes: bed, breakfast, forest trails.
        • $20 (after taxes) per person, per night, includes: bed, forest trails.
        • $6 per person, includes: forest trails
        • We also offer cottages for rent: Per week $125 (after taxes) per person. Per month $390 (after taxes) per person. (We will discount groups of 2 or more on monthly rentals, or extended-stay guests). Fully equipped kitchen/dining room, porches, living areas, etc. Maid service. We provide all the bedding/towels, etc.